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Building a new porch for your home is an exciting time. You’re adding new outdoor living space to your house that your family will utilize and appreciate for years to come.

Porches provide additional curb appeal to your home while giving outdoor or private sitting and activity space. While they’ll likely add value to your home in the future, you and your family will feel the real benefits right away.

At Outdoor Living Inc., we help bring your porch to life. Our team can do it all! We can:

  • Provide materials and supplies needed to get the job done
  • Design a porch that aligns with your vision and home
  • Construct the finished product to your complete satisfaction

We handle all this while helping you develop the outdoor living space that is perfect for you.

The Right Type Of Porch For You

Our outdoor living construction experts are qualified to create a wide range of different porch types, depending on your needs. Visit our showroom anytime, where our staff will hear about your vision and provide guidance toward what may work best.

Open-Air Porches

These are the most traditional concepts people often associate with the word “porch.” An open-air porch means just that – it freely allows the air to circulate through it from the outside world.

Front-porches are an extension of your front door, providing additional living space facing out toward the world. A back-porch, meanwhile, offers a getaway from the world and can function as your little oasis.

Depending on the location of your porch and the look of your home, different materials might be necessary. For an elevated porch that rises to an off-ground door, for instance, cedar or composite decking materials work great.

Meet with an Outdoor Living Inc. representative to get a feel for the right kind of fit for you.

Screened-in Porches

Now for a blend of the two porches so far. If you want the satisfaction of feeling outdoors in your front or backyard but would prefer a little added protection, a screened-in porch is right for you.

These are similar to open-air porches because they’re on the outside of your front, back or side door. However, the screened-in nature of these porches protects you more from the elements.

Want to read and enjoy a book with the rain as a backdrop, but don’t want to deal with getting wet? A screened-in porch comes in handy anytime you want to go against the weather.

At Outdoor Living Inc., our screened porches are custom-built. We meticulously match every element with your home, from rooflines to shingles, so they look like another room of the house.


Sunrooms, also known as patio rooms, are significantly more enclosed than their open-air cousins. With a sunroom, you’re building an extension of your house toward an outdoorsy direction. The placement of the sunroom is critical, as it should be a lounge area where you can feel comfortable keeping shades and windows open.

This layout provides a distinct advantage: sunrooms are an excellent way for you to enjoy the outdoors to your preference. It’s up to you how much you want to expose the room to the outside world at a given time, allowing for more personalization and versatility.

Adding a sunroom also creates an extra room in your home, which you can use for a variety of purposes.

Constructing a sunroom requires a wide range of materials, such as screens, composite boards, fasteners, and more. At Outdoor Living Inc., we supply the whole range of materials necessary for sunroom construction. On top of that, our construction and design experts help create the perfect new addition for your home.


If you want to build a porch in an area that doesn’t have a roof to protect from sunlight, it can be a little discouraging. That’s where the Pergolas come in.

Pergolas typically consist of overhead beams that help protect you from sunlight and some weather. If an opened up Pergola doesn’t provide enough protection to your preference, you can utilize outdoor curtains or enclosed roofing material to add an extra layer.

Pergolas are a great way to finish off a porch, you’re building away from your home, or when you don’t want to extend your roof fully. The result is a relaxing new hangout space you can call your own.


Gazebos are the classic cousin of a prominent front porch.

These standalone structures that provide additional living space further away from home. They take the screened porch feel and insert it a bit further away, making it a unique gathering place for friends and family during the hot summer months.

Gazebos are usually designed in a classic octagon shape and typically consist of wood, cedar, or composite materials. Our design experts create gazebos that families fall in love with every single year, and we can do the same for you. Come by our showroom or speak with a representative to get started designing your new outdoor living space.

Porch Railings

In addition to deciding on the type of porch that best fits you, you’ll also need to consider the type of railing you want for your porch (if any). Porch railings can add to the perimeter you’re setting, making it feel like a more intimate and enclosed space.

Outdoor Living Inc. provides the best quality decking rails in the market, and we’re happy to show you how they fit into your overall deck plans.

Porch Costs

Every home and every porch project is unique in its own regard, which makes giving a cost amount difficult unless we know more information.

However, based on a few factors such as square footage, materials used, and labor hours, you can put together a quick ballpark estimate.

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The whole process for selecting materials or installation services through us is incredibly easy, personalized, and useful.

That’s because we make a conscious effort to improve the process every chance we get. We want your experience building your new outdoor living space to be a fun and easy one. Call us today or come by our Kirkwood showroom to get an idea of what your home’s extension will look like if you partner with us.

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