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Assembling a screened-in porch for your home is so much fun. You’re adding new outdoor living space to your house that your family will utilize and appreciate for years to come.

Porches provide additional curb appeal to your home while giving outdoor or private sitting and activity space. While they’ll likely add value to your home in the future, you and your family will feel the real benefits right away.

At Outdoor Living Inc., we help bring your screened porch to life through our process. Our team:

  • Provides porch materials needed to get the job done
  • Designs a screened porch that complements your home
  • Constructs the finished product to your complete satisfaction

We handle all this while helping you develop the outdoor space that is perfect for you.

Porch Services With Outdoor Living Inc.

If you want the satisfaction of having a living area outdoors in your front or backyard but would prefer a little added protection, a screened-in porch addition is right for you.

Screened porches are just like open-air porches in that they let you experience the outdoors without deviating too far from your home. They’re typically installed outside of your front, back, or side door.

However, they provided added protection from the elements so you can enjoy your porch during more circumstances. The addition of fiberglass and screens keep your room safe from dramatic temperatures outside.

Want to read and enjoy a book with the rain as a backdrop, but don’t want to deal with getting wet? A screened-in porch comes in handy anytime you want to go against the weather.

At Outdoor Living Inc., our screened porches are custom-built. We meticulously match every element with your home, from rooflines to shingles, so they look like another room of the house.

You can lean on our team for assistance with any of the following porch development stages:

Porch Design

Our experts create a porch design with your overall home aesthetic in mind. We work alongside you and your family to provide porch ideas that improve your home’s already existing beauty.

We can help you create a screened porch that extends from your living room, a new front porch that enhances your curb appeal, or a complement to an existing sunroom.

With our design team, the sky is the limit. We can tailor your new screened-in porch to fit any home design.

Porch Screen Materials

You can get 100% of the screen materials necessary to build your porch – no matter the style. If you’re developing a screened-in porch, for example, we can provide the porch screen, retractable screens, screen doors, fasteners, ceiling fans, dining tables, and much more.

We also supply patio furniture. So if you’re looking to add a new porch swing to your finished product, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.

Screened-in Porch Construction

If you are a DIY person, you can use our materials and embark on your home improvement project. However, keep in mind that once we have designed the overall plan, we can efficiently install all the appropriate materials for your complete satisfaction.

Our team consists of bonafide experts in the porch, decking, and fencing industry. For a high-quality installation process, look no further than our construction experts.

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The whole process for selecting materials or installation services through us is incredibly easy, personalized, and useful.

That’s because we make a conscious effort to improve the process every chance we get. We want your experience building your new outdoor living space to be a fun and easy one.

Call us today or come by our Kirkwood showroom to see what your home’s new screened-in porch will look like.

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