Barrette Vinyl Railing Products in St. Louis, Missouri

Outdoor living products from Barrette have been a staple in homes across the USA for decades. They have anything to meet homeowners’ needs, including fencing, railing, decking, and garden products. We are proud to offer many items from their railing product line, including vinyl deck railings.
Learn more about vinyl rail kits below or go to their website ( to see what ELSE they have to offer, including PVC rails, privacy rails, composite railing, aluminum railings, metal balusters, cable rail kits, stair rail kits, bottom rails, top rails, pergolas, and more.

Barrette Vinyl Deck Railing Systems

Barrette Outdoor Living provides a variety of styles and colors for its vinyl railing, catering to the outdoor requirements of homeowners. The robust nature of our vinyl railing ensures durability while needing only minimal upkeep. This renders both vinyl deck railing and vinyl porch railing superb enhancements to outdoor areas. With its resistance to fading, rotting, and easy scratching, as well as the absence of paint touch-up demands, vinyl railing stands out. Most importantly, it’s effortlessly cleanable, ensuring a fresh appearance that lasts for many years.

Bella Premier Series Railing: Crafted from Composicore®, which is a material that contains no wood or organic fibers, Bella Premier Series Railing showcases exceptional resilience against moisture, mold, and warping. Its surface boasts a gently textured and enduring appearance. Introducing a deck board adapter for crafting a level “cocktail rail,” the Bella Premier Series stands out. Discreetly hidden within brackets, the fasteners ensure a seamless final look, and a variety of infill styles are at your disposal.

RDI® Endurance® Original Rail™ Vinyl Railing: Endurance Original Rail presents a comprehensive vinyl railing system that includes all the essentials for constructing a railing within a single package. This system ensures reliable performance, featuring reinforced rails strengthened with aluminum stiffeners. A diverse selection of brackets is also on hand, catering to an array of installation requirements.

RDI® Titan Pro Rail® Vinyl Railing: Designed with the installer in mind, Titan Pro Rail Vinyl Railing boasts rail segments that effortlessly come together within minutes and metal-to-metal unions that are skillfully crafted for straightforward and secure setup. The panels find support from structural steel posts enveloped in low-maintenance vinyl covering. Titan Pro Rail stands as an excellent choice for both residential and commercial use.

Vinyl ADA Handrail: The Vinyl ADA Handrail constitutes a handrail adhering to code standards, ensuring graspable support that enhances safety and protection on stairs and ramps. With its adaptable components and metal-to-metal unions to enhance durability, this system can be combined in a multitude of arrangements.

RDI® Finyl Line™ Vinyl Railing: RDI Finyl Line Vinyl Railing offers a straightforward installation process and incorporates robust aluminum reinforcement, meticulously crafted for increased safety measures. Opt between the classic T-Top design or the Deck Top profile, allowing for the inclusion of a deck board to form a level “cocktail rail.”

Select Series™ Vinyl Railing: Designed with numerous features found in pricier professional offerings, the Select Series Vinyl Railing presents a top-notch, economically mindful selection that guarantees effortless installation and upkeep. Equipped with hardware-concealing brackets and optional enhancements such as LED lighting and a matching gate kit, the Select Series delivers an uncomplicated yet refined choice for railing needs.


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