Millboard is one of the most reputable outdoor living manufacturers in the country. In addition to their cladding offerings, their composite decking materials are where they truly shine adding value to any new outdoor space.

Millboard is the world’s finest decking material molded from real timber with a high-tech core and rubberized surface. Millboard combines the natural beauty of real wood with the high performance of polyurethane, a material widely recognized for its strength because it evades natural wood’s inevitable rotting, warping, deterioration, insects, and pests.

As a solid and not-hollow alternative to timber, Millboard is virtually maintenance-free, meaning you can enjoy a deck that is indistinguishable from wood in appearance and needs no staining or treating for years to come.


  • Molded from real timber.
  • Two styles: Enhanced grain which gives a more natural smooth and sleek texture to wood board. Also have weather oak style that has the appearance of a century-old aged look.
  • The dual-tone surface is hand-colored by master craftsmen to create the authentic finish of natural timber.
  • Low maintenance compared to real wood.
  • Supplied pre-colored does not require any staining, oiling, or coloring over its lifetime.
  • Fade and stain resistant.
  • Our Durafix® lost-head fixings are virtually hidden beneath the unique Lastane® surface.


  • Designed to withstand demanding outdoor environments.
  • Unique Lastane® layer resists scratches and stains.
  • Structural core is a blend of natural minerals bonded in a polymer resin with long fiber reinforcement for added strength.


  • Wood-free and non-porous.
  • High resistance to rot and algae growth.
  • Splinter-free and split-resistant.
  • Excellent anti-slip properties, even in wet conditions.
  • Plastic-free and eco-friendly.


Every porch and deck is different, so if you have any questions about which Millboard composite decking board is right for you, our team of professionals can help you pick the right materials and colors, including:

Millboard Enhanced Grain decking that perfectly replicates the beauty of prime oak. Options include: Golden Oak, Antique Oak, Coppered Oak, Brushed Basalt, Smoked Oak, Burnt Cedar, Jarrah, and Limed Oak.

Weathered Oak decking boards with the timeless look of aged oak. Options include: Driftwood, Vintage, and Embered.

Lasta-Grip® ultra slip-resistant decking with integrated grip strips. Options include: Coppered Oak and Golden Oak.

Edging and Fascia for the finishing touch. Options include: Square Edging, Fascia, Flexible Bullnose Edging, and Bullnose Board.

DuoSpan® Subframe providing structural integrity and design flexibility.

DuoLift® Joist Pedestal support system for easier installation.

Once the materials are selected, we can also help you design your new space and install it, or you can take the supplies and DIY or partner with another contractor.

Weathered composite decking is not only perfect for decks, but also for feature walls, landscaping applications, planter boxes, and more. In addition to supplying Millboard decking boards, our office supplies everything you need for your deck, including fasteners, deck railing, and more.


We are a distributor of Millboard’s huge inventory of decking products because there is such a large demand for them in the St. Louis area. Come see the materials for yourself at our Kirkwood location.

At our showroom, you’ll get to see some case studies of other St. Louisans who absolutely love their results with Millboard, up-close examples of the materials, and get to choose exactly what’s right for you.

You can purchase the supplies through our company and install the decking yourself, or you can hire us for a full design and implementation. Whatever your outdoor living needs, we’re here to help.

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