How Much Does it Cost to Build a Porch?

Replacing an old porch or installing a brand new one is exciting for any St. Louis homeowner, but it’s also a significant investment. Like any investment, you need to consider the many variables that go into it. One of the most important things you’ll encounter is how much you’re willing to spend on your new porch.

So, how much will this cost you?

Short answer: it depends.

You can’t apply a one-size-fits-all framework to every new home project. You’ve got to consider things like the materials you’re using and the size of the porch.

The quickest way to get a clear cut answer that applies directly to your home is to speak with an Outdoor Living specialist. Our team will assess your unique situation and provide a customized estimate, all free of charge.

If you’re curious about how that process works, here are a few things we keep in mind when estimating the cost of a new porch.

Factors Impacting Your Porch Cost

Building a new porch at your home is a significant investment with a lot of variables.

Where your home’s newest outdoor space falls in terms of the price depends on a few factors, such as:

Type of Porch You’re Building

For starters, there are a ton of options available to you when building a new porch.

Do you want a front porch for curb appeal or a back porch to enjoy your privacy a little more? Is your porch outside, or is it tying into your wall and creating a three or four-season sunroom? Finally, if you’re adding screen-in sidings or a roof, you’ll need to factor those costs in as well.

Nailing down the type of porch you need to install is the first step toward figuring out your price estimate. There are more variables than we can cover here, so for exact pricing, it is best to speak with an Outdoor Living Representative.

Type of Materials You’re Installing

When it comes to installing your porch, the type of materials you’re using and the size of the porch are essential factors in determining your total cost. The cost of materials varies, and it is usually based on square feet, and most porches require one or more of the following materials:

  • Concrete
  • Composite
  • Wood
  • Aluminum

Oftentimes a porch may require a wood or steel structure underneath the deck to provide the support it needs.

Once you nail down the type of materials you’re using, you can turn your attention to the labor costs.

Labor Costs For Your New Porch

Unless you’re taking a DIY approach to your new porch or patio, you’ll need a helping hand. For help putting it all together, some installation costs come into play.

At Outdoor Living Inc., we can supply both the materials and labor necessary for your patio. So, in addition to considering the required materials for your project, our porch designers will set up everything to your complete satisfaction.

Similar to materials, labor costs typically scale per square foot. The amount you spend on labor per square foot typically varies depending on the materials you’re using and the porch size. Again, our pricing professionals can help estimate how much labor is necessary for your project.

Some other factors included in this category are if you have an existing porch, whether your porch design consists of a screen room or screen door, and whether you want to DIY some of the installations.

Porch Pricing Estimates: Get In Touch With Outdoor Living Inc.

Our team includes labor costs and material considerations when drafting an estimate for your home’s new porch. The result is a custom-tailored cost guide that gives you the most accurate look at what the project cost looks like.

In addition to helping you estimate the pricing for one type of project, we’re also available to give you multiple estimates that consider different materials, colors, and more.

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