Patio Lighting For Your Outdoor Space

Professional outdoor lighting can transform your patio or deck into your private escape. When designed carefully and installed correctly, this home decor venture improves curb appeal and creates a safer, illuminated space.

At Outdoor Living Inc., we specialize in creating outdoor living spaces that homeowners love. Part of that involves constructing a new patio or deck space that fits a home’s needs. Another part consists of applying the finishing touches.

Many customers ask if they need an electrician to install outdoor lighting systems. While it’s usually best to work with an Outdoor Living specialist when creating your lighting system, there are many do-it-yourself options available. It depends on the scope of your project.

However, if you want to install a comprehensive system that complements your overall decking or patio system, it’s best to work alongside an Outdoor Living specialist. We’ll guide you through the installation process and show you precisely what needs to happen for your patio or deck to look great.

When it comes to setting up an outdoor lighting system that lets your outdoor space shine in the night, we’ve got the best products for you. Everything we carry is designed explicitly for outdoor use, so it is waterproof and easily accessible.

Our sales associates will happily help you determine the most appropriate lighting system you’re home

Choosing the Right Types of Outdoor Lighting

Figuring out what you need to make your new patio, deck, pergola, or gazebo stand out starts by understanding your options.

We carry every type of light you can imagine for your backyard, all provided by the leading manufacturers in the industry.

Patio & Deck Lighting

There are plenty of creative ways you can light up your new outdoor living space.

You can choose from lots of different styles from globe string lights, LED string lights, solar string lights, Edison lights, incandescent bulbs, and more. You can also opt for a multi-color string to create a more vibrant ambiance around your space.

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Walkway Lights

Installing LED bulbs or globe lights over your patio is great for style points. However, a subtle addition of string lights under your deck or porch railing can also have a significant effect.

In addition to installing string lights under your railing, you can also put rope lights to light up a concrete walkway or outline the frame of your patio.

Set up correctly, many systems can automatically trigger during certain hours of the day, providing safe walkways around your home. The phasing in of new light will create a noticeable difference in how illuminated your outdoor space is.

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If you’re wondering where to buy decking lighting, start with our Kirkwood showroom.

We’ve got everything you need for installing a patio lighting system that keeps your outdoor space savory into the late hours of the night. Whether that’s through installing LED lights throughout your walkway, hanging outdoor patio string lights across entire spaces, or installing spotlights to highlight critical areas, we’ve got the products and service to make it happen.

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