How Much Will It Cost to Add a Gate to Your Fence

The gate on your fence is the entryway to your yard. Since it is a unique focal point around your perimeter, you should treat it like its unique project.

At Outdoor Living Inc, we supply the materials and labor necessary to install the perfect entryway to your yard. If you’re considering adding a new gate to your existing fence or want to include one in a new fencing system, you’ll likely wonder about what this will cost you.

For an accurate and customized estimate, contact Outdoor Living today. Our professionals will tailor a pricing estimate to your specific fencing needs so you know exactly what this new project will entail and how much you’ll love the result.

Estimating the Cost of Your New Gate

The costs for each fence will vary a lot. This variance is based on a lot of different factors – including the type of materials, size of the gate, and surrounding landscape terrain.

At a minimum, your new gate should match the existing fencing structure in color and style. Additionally, we often recommend your gate uses the same materials as your fence to keep a high level of congruence.

The main determinants for your gate are materials and size. Most residential fences are between 3-4ft wide, but we recommend 4ft installations to give your fence the most flexibility. Here are a few samples of what pricing might look like for your gate:

  • Single wood gate $100
  • Double wood gate $225
  • 4-foot vinyl gate $300-400
  • 4-foot composite gate $200-300

These are ballpark estimates and are subject to change based on your fence’s unique scope of work. For a customized pricing model, please reach out to Outdoor Living directly.

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