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While wood and vinyl fences hold widespread appeal, they can’t compare to the utility and durability an aluminum fence provides.

The metal materials that make up aluminum are firm, making them particularly effective as strong posts in a fencing system. Whether you’re enclosing a pool, setting a firm perimeter on your yard, or adding a durable fence around a commercial building, an aluminum fence is the right choice.

Why Clients Love Our Aluminum Fences

There are a lot of benefits that come with installing a new aluminum fence, some of which aren’t completely obvious from the get-go.

Aluminum Fences Are Durable and Reliable

First and foremost, an aluminum fence is a reliable one.

The strong metal materials used to craft aluminum provide durability and stopping power unlike any other type of fence. This feature makes them particularly effective when you want to keep a strong, firm perimeter.

In addition to their strength, aluminum fences are about as low-maintenance as they come. Manufacturers cover aluminum fencing in a powder paint coating. This process fuses the paint to the aluminum surface so that the fence will last for decades without showing wear.

What does this mean for you? You won’t ever need to repaint or restain it, and you don’t need to worry about chips, damage, or splinters, either.

Homeowners and business owners alike appreciate the easy-to-maintain and steady features of aluminum materials.

Aluminum Fences Create a Modern Look

Finally, aluminum has a very particular look to it. For many clients, the look itself is enough to warrant an installation, while the durability remains a simple plus.

Aluminum fences are a natural complement to a pool area and offer a minimalistic feel when you apply it to the outer rim of your yard.

If presenting your home in a modern and sleek way is your preference, you’ve got the perfect material in aluminum.

You Can Fit Aluminum Fences into Plenty of Styles

In addition to their sturdiness, aluminum fences are quite versatile.

As the client, you can choose between a wide array of styles and colors to fit your home’s unique features. Manufacturers have the material down to a science, which means there are a ton of different styles you can choose from at an affordable price.

The most common aluminum fence style is the classic flat top with three rails. This arrangement is a simple yet great way to keep kids and pets safe. Other offerings include the spear-top picket or upgrade to a tri-finial or quad to the aluminum spindles. Our fence supplier offers three grades of fencing: residential, commercial, and industrial.  Sections range from 6’ to 8’ wide with various post options to choose from 2” to 4”. Additionally, options of either flat or ball caps on the post can finish the system off with your special touch.

For enhanced security, you can double down on your aluminum fence by adding twice as many pickets.

Additionally, the customizable nature of metal materials makes them perfect for sloping yards. Our experts easily install aluminum fences on flat surfaces and steep slopes alike, all while the worry of making ugly gaps and awkward transitions a non-issue.

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