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Vinyl fences are a type of plastic fence made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride), and they are oftentimes an excellent choice for a new fencing system. Many times referred to as composite fencing, as well.

These eco-friendly fencing boards come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles to fit a breadth of homeowner needs. They’re also durable and provide a safe perimeter around the yard.

Why Choose A Vinyl Fence?

Here are a few reasons why homeowners select Vinyl materials for their fencing project.

Vinyl Fences Are More Durable Than Most

Vinyl is an easy-care alternative to some other fencing materials. As time wears on, it won’t warp, rot, split, or blister like a wooden fence.

In addition to the fact it won’t take a lot of damage over time, Vinyl also requires very little upkeep. You won’t need to sand, stain, or paint it.

The fact it has a long lifetime with minimal upkeep makes it a great fit for the casual homeowner who wants a long-lasting solution.

Vinyl Fencing Systems Offer Tons of Variety

Since manufacturers derive these boarding materials from plastic, vinyl fence panels are remarkably customizable.

You can choose from a wide range of colors, shapes, and sizes. It’s this flood of options that lets you match your fence to your home’s aesthetic seamlessly.

Picket Fence

A vinyl picket fence is a traditional setup that never goes out of style. You can use it to set a clear perimeter in your yard that comes up between 3-6ft. There isn’t much privacy associated with picket fences, other than keeping animals in and people out. For many homeowners, though, that’s exactly what they’re looking for.

Lattice-Style Fence

A great lattice vinyl fence is a beautiful sight to behold. The criss-cross nature of the thinned PVC allows you to see through the other side of the fence while still providing an added layer of protection and security to your yard as well.

Full Privacy Fence

Some yards are simply too exposed to the rest of the world to the point it can feel like your yard isn’t at all private. Enter a full privacy fence setup. Vinyl panels can extend up to 6ft out of the ground, giving your yard enhanced protection.

More Vinyl fence styles

If you can dream it, we can make it happen. Our design experts will help you get a grip on what the best style fence for your home is, and our fencing experts will bring it to life. Throughout this process, we provide the materials, labor, and we help develop the vision, too.

Color Flexibility

In addition to installing a wide range of styles, the color of your color is completely customizable.

With vinyl boards, the color is synthetically ingrained in the material. You pick between a wide variety of colors when you meet with an Outdoor Living specialist and that color is here to stay. Since physical paint or other maintenance measures aren’t necessary, there are a lot more options you can choose from to closely complement your home.

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